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Narcotics Anonymous

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Final [Jun. 13th, 2007|11:41 am]
Narcotics Anonymous
This journal, which was created 2002-10-16 20:43:01 (nearly five years ago) is now officially closed, but will, for archival purposes, not be deleted. The next five years, culminating with 2012, will be chronicled in a different journal with a different purpose: http://monja-alferez.livejournal.com/profile. This relates to the first song on Ziggy Stardust, the Mayan calendar and my personal hypermythology.

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Alan Watts - Time - part 1 [May. 18th, 2007|03:04 pm]
Narcotics Anonymous
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Study Abroad Ecuador [May. 15th, 2007|10:28 am]
Narcotics Anonymous
I'm starting to get really nervous/excited, as I always do just before I travel. My study abroad classes start today at the university (I'm studying Spanish language and Latin American history and culture) and we fly out this Saturday. I have a feeling that this trip will be quite a challange, as I'm staying with a family (which I still know nothing about!) in the capital, Quito, and must therefore stretch my limited Spanish skills to the max. Plus, big cities usually disorient me, but I love it. I'm ready to take the plunge into this other world.

Quito is situated a bit below the Equator, but it stays very cool all year round, because it's elevated so high in the mountains. We will be surrounded by snow-covered mountains and volcanoes. I don't know what more I could want.

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Archive [May. 14th, 2007|09:57 pm]
Narcotics Anonymous
Tonight I'm looking through the LJ archive, thinking about things. This is the second entry I wrote on LJ, five years ago when I was 16. It was a stream of consciousness piece, which I was doing a lot of back then. Makes me think that people have only one idea, really, and that everything they say is a rearticulation of that one thing, in any number of contexts. Know what I mean?

Room on fire blazing sun screaming populace help the dog’s burning horseback treehouse I’ve got to get out of here I can feel this room closing in and I can’t even seem to scream where has my voice gone? Did I even have one? Childhood memory dreaming screaming out through the back door leaning beaming I meet with myself in dark rooms huddled silence when I hear people speaking I look at my hands absently where am I going? Where am I going? Where am I? Oh the lovely lovely stars night sky look down absently I smell the scent of rain but I must cut everyone off before I can make a connection I’ve got to run I only want to run I can’t take this heat this starving heat It’s starving me and I can’t eat why run in circles? Why take the familiar vacant trails? They are safe and you know the way maybe too well but you can’t make a decision I don’t even believe in decisions free will is an illusion sun sets birds sing sweet smell of flowers fill the air she could feel lonely standing in a crowd I’m talking but I can’t hear what I’m saying where do words come from I think we just make it up as we go along severed therapy I don’t have the patience for this and I can’t keep up with myself I only neglect everything I must do because I don’t want to face challenges challenges are highly overrated I don’t care what your guidance councilor told you open road clogged arteries I see the star ship is nonexistent where do ideas come from I think we make them up as we go along I’ve got to get out of here this room is too small and it is me…………………
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Snake [May. 14th, 2007|12:31 pm]
Narcotics Anonymous
Can anyone identify this beautiful baby whom I almost stepped on (barefoot)just now at my back door? I actually touched its tail, too, because I'm fucking insane. It then slithered underneath a tool rack.


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